Wednesday, October 22, 2008

2008 World Series Game 1 - Pre-Game Live Blogging

8:20PM - Phillies manager Charlie Manuel is awfully fat and old looking. I'm worried he's going to hurt himself while jogging out from the dugout during team introductions.

8:21PM - I'm holding my breath. Run Charlie, run! Only 75 feet or so to go.

8:26PM - Charlie made it out to the infield safely. I can breathe easily.

8:28PM - Holy shit!!!!! Backstreet Boys singing the National Anthem. I thought those guys were dead!!

8:30PM - This is a pretty weird rendition. Harmony is good, voices are smooth and silky. But the rhythm is all off. These guys must be Communists. Like Barack Obama.

8:32PM - Game's about to start. The Phillies better win or I'm going to write something terrible about the Tampa Bay Rays' wives and mothers.

8:34PM - I need to do laundry tomorrow. Just thought I'd write it down before I forget.

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