Wednesday, October 22, 2008

2008 World Series Game 1 Live Blogging Continued

9:42PM - So what if the Dow was DOWN over 500 points today. The Phillies are UP by 3 runs!! In my book, that makes up for the millions upon millions of dollars of disappearing wealth.

9:45PM - I'm hungry.

9:52PM - Cole Hamels, the Phillies starter for this game, looks like a real veteran.

9:53PM - He just gave up a solo home run. No joke. As I was writing that last entry, Carl Crawford hit a home run off of Hamels. I have to be careful with this live blogging. It's some powerful shit.

9:55PM - Phillies are out of the inning after giving up only one run. I wonder what the weather's going to be like tomorrow. Should I wear a sweater? In case you hadn't noticed, my live blogging has no internal filter. It's like a window into my mind. Grab some popcorn, pull up a chair, and enjoy - if you dare. Boy, my fingernails are long.

9:58PM - Fingernails are short now.

10:02PM - I feel like Ryan Howard should hit a home run right about now. He is such a big, strong man. The ball is afraid of him.

10:05PM - Ryan Howard walked. They say a walk is as good as a home run - or something like that.

10:06PM - Pat Burrell is up to bat. Big Pat. Pat the Bat. My Mom thinks he's, arguably, the cutest Phillie. I'm can't disagree with her right now. And if he hits a home run now, I will officially label him the cutest Philadelphia Phillies player ever. I believe strongly - and this will be the first place you'll hear this - that the Phillies' success in the World Series rests on Pat Burrell's mighty shoulders. As Pat goes, so go the Phillies. Mark my words.

10:09PM - Pat Burrell did not hit a home run. But somehow, some way he just got the first infield hit of his career.

10:10PM - Not an infield hit for Pat. It was ruled an error. Pat is as slow as molasses, and never beats out a groundball. Jury's still out on Pat Burrell's cuteness.

10:12PM - I can't stop eating these gummy worms.

10:16PM - It may be dangerous for me to continue eating these gummy worms. They're not even fresh.

10:18PM - I think Swedish fish are my favorite, but have you ever had gummy peaches? They're pretty good too.

10:19PM - Okay, game back on. No more candy until the Phillies score again. Or until one of the players adjusts their crotch, or spits on the ground.

10:19PM - 5 seconds elapsed before spitting or crotch grabbing occurred.

10:22PM - No more gummy worms left. They are all in me.

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