Thursday, October 30, 2008

Phillies Win For First Time Since President Madison

Or so it seems. Actually, it's only been 28 years since their last championship. But many historians compare the Jimmy Carter and James Madison Presidencies as nearly identical. Minus the sideburns. And take away the peanut farming. Also, Carter owned an automobile whereas the diminutive Madison rode a pony. And finally, Carter nearly ruined our country, while Madison remains a national hero.

I was only 4 years old at the time - and as I'm told - still in diapers, with a penchant for eating paste and sleeping with a loaf of bread. I thought it was a stuffed animal of some sort.

I don't remember any of that, of course. I recall being rather precocious.

But in any case, the Phillies won in 2008, and did so in very phun phashion.

I'm not gonna say that I predicted this....but I did. And a whole whopping 27 days ago at that. I guess I had a one in six chance, so not too impressive. I guess I'm only able to predict the future about a month in advance. That could still come in handy, and I'm sure I'll have some more predictions for you shortly.

Until then, I'm going to savor the Phillies victory with the rest of Philadelphia. We deserve it, after 28 painful years of excruciating losses and grievous disappointment.

So it's great we that we won. But Phillies fans are demanding. So we better win it again next year.

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