Monday, October 27, 2008

Mill Goes to the Series

I'm a Phillies fan. I write about them from time to time, but usually only when they make it to the World Series - which means I've only written about them a couple of times in the last 15 years. Anyway, I'm still a big fan of theirs, through good times and bad.

So when my new best friend Dan offered me a free ticket to Game 4 of the 2008 World Series in Philadelphia, I accepted with great verve and vigor. My acceptance of the ticket was very, very vigorous. Unlike last time though, my shirt stayed on and the body paint didn't make it out of the closet.

Not bad for free seats to the World Series. Shitty picture, but you get the idea.

You may have guessed that the ticket was sourced through a friend of friend of a friend of Chase Utley's wife or something like that.

Well, you'd be wrong. And no, I didn't have to sell my body or my soul. The tickets were from a friend of friend of Dan's friend who works for a Japanese media company. That's about all the info I received, and that's about 100% more info than I needed. You could have told me that the seat owner just died, and that the ticket and/or seat itself was probably cursed. Would have been fine with me. This is the World Series after all, and I'd be willing to take that risk.

The game itself was fantastic - if you're a Phillies fan. They mauled the Rays with an onslaught of unadulterated power. Even the pitcher hit a home run, for God's sake.

A few other observations:

- Bathrooms were WAY too crowded. The queue for each individual urinal was 5 men deep. Five, drunk, Phillies fans deep. It was ridiculous. I don't know if it was just that everyone was drinking much more beer than normal, and therefore urinating much more frequently, or if the stadium is seriously under-urinaled. In any case, there appeared to be no such line for the Ladies' room. You can only imagine how tempting that was.

- Phillies fans LOVE their cheesesteaks. There are a few cheesesteak-slinging stands at the stadium. And each of them had a line from here until next week. It was crazy. Almost as crazy as the line for the bathroom.

- Ryan Howard is AWESOME. He could probably hit a home run with a mop handle in hurricane-force winds - and instead of a baseball he'd be hitting a Volkswagen out of the park. He is the world's strongest man.

The Phils have a chance to win it all tonight, and I'll be watching - albeit from the comfort of my own home. I better go limber up.

Go Phillies!!

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Unknown said...

I am a friend of a friend of Dan's.
Glad you had a good time at the game :)
I will be once again heading back to PHI after the "weather complication" which altered my schedule quite a bit.
Go Phillies!!!!!

The Mill said...

Maggie!! If I had ever even had the slightest inkling that you'd read my blog, I would have thanked you profusely by name.

Thank you for the tickets. We had a great time. And now the Phillies are world champions.

Perhaps you had something to do with that as well.

Magical Maggie.