Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Excellent Magic

Try this sweet interactive card trick video.

It seems to work every time, except if you don't actually choose a card, or lack dynamic magical powers.

I watched this trick around 9:30 pm tonight - here's how the rest of my evening panned out:

9:31 to 10:29 - I spend minutes heaped upon minutes trying to figure this one out. Watch the video over and over. My eyes are bloodshot. My teeth are sore from chewing on my "think hard pen" and I am crestfallen. I can't tell how they do it.

10:30 - Jaimi watches the video.
10:31 - Jaimi tells me how it works. It's frustratingly simple. Anyway, can you figure it out? I feel like I may have eaten a lot of lead paint as a child, or lived too close to that nickel and cadmium smelting plant during my formative years.

Either that, or I can blame it on Aunt Mom and Uncle Dad. Somethin' about their jeans done been too close together or somethin'.


JG said...

my concentration at brown was magic.

The Mill said...

Brown Magic?

Is that like Black Magic, but not quite as evil?