Thursday, April 23, 2009

I'm Finally a Twitterer

At long last, I've joined Twitter. I'm a lot like that one, lone Japanese soldier who held out in the mountains of Okinawa for 40 years after the war ended. I was in denial. I was completely out of touch with the times. And finally, I was hungry enough - and needed to go to the dentist badly enough - that I decided to come out of hiding and surrender.

You can join my upcoming Twitter parade - or incredibly annoying Twitter onslaught - at any time.

I shall henceforth be known as "rathmill."

"The Mill" and "Mill the Thrill" were already taken.

In my first tweet - as I get used to this new mode of communication - I proudly proclaim that I'm feeling a little gassy.

As if through the eyes of a small child, I see the internet anew. With Twitter, I can simply type out my thoughts, with no filter whatsoever, and they'll be instantly transmitted to the waiting world of fellow Twitterers.

I'm still feeling gassy, my friends. Very gassy indeed. And as the gassiness passes, you shall know when and how. Because that is the true essence of Twitter.

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Is a tweeter the same as a twitterer??