Friday, January 30, 2009

80's Toys Revisited - Volume 3 - The Koosh Ball


Isn't that a Moroccan meat stew? Or some Middle-eastern dipping sauce?

Maybe. But it's also a soft-cored ball-like thing covered in thin rubbery filaments. The Koosh Ball. Remember? Everyone had one of these back in 1987.

According to legend, back in 1986 Scott Stillinger was searching for a soft, danger-free ball that he could give to his young daughter and son. Apparently, they were very accident-prone. And thus, he came up with the Koosh. "I defy you to hurt yourselves with this crazy ball," he said with assertion. Also, it was non-toxic.

The myth is that a super ball and a sea urchin had sex - and the Koosh ball was born.

In the ensuing years, millions of others around the world accepted Mr. Stillinger's challenge. The vast majority failed to hurt themselves with the Koosh - and they had a ton of fun doing it. Really, the only way the Koosh could be dangerous would be if it was swallowed whole. I'd imagine that could really gum up the works, so to speak.

Here are a few things you may have done with your Koosh ball:

1) Throw it around like a tennis ball, especially indoors.

2) Chew on it like licorice - BUT DO NOT EAT!!!

3) Collect all your favorite colors. And then throw them in the trash 2 years later because you don't know what the hell else to do with 25 Koosh balls.

4) Give as an incredibly cheap gift to friends and family during holidays and birthdays. Alienate said friends and family in the process.

5) Add to cubed lamb meat, potatoes, onions, cardamom, cinnamon, and chick peas. Simmer on medium-low heat for 6 hours. Serve over cous cous.

That's about it.

But still, despite its limited utility, for several years the Koosh sold like life vests on the Titanic. And in fact, its still widely available for sale today. It's one of the few toys of the 80's that's still in production. I guess there's still a big market for toys that do not readily cause injury.

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JG said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
JG said...

when are you going to do a post about charm bracelets? those were fun.

The Mill said...

Yeah, charm bracelets were awesome.....for girls.

Writing a post about them would be akin to admitting I used to collect them - which I would never admit even though it's 100% true.

Wait a minute!! You tricked me!!

Sara Cohen said...

how about those slap bracelets?

The Mill said...

Those slap bracelets were pretty decent, but I may not be the right one to revisit them. Again, not exactly a guy thing - and believe it or not, I am a male.

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