Thursday, July 10, 2008

iPhone 3G - How Jealous Am I?

I've been a proud owner of a first generation, steam-powered, passenger-pigeon-required-for-text-messaging iPhone for almost 7 months now.

The new one comes out tomorrow, and some of the new features sound totally sweet.

To be clear, I don't regret owning the older iPhone. It was a gift from Jaimi - and a great gift at that - and it's provided me hours of entertainment via the slick touchscreen interface and full internet access.

I never get tired of checking celebrity gossip blogs and fantasy sports sites while in the bathroom at work.

But the new iPhone operates on AT & T's quick as balls 3G network. And it has GPS. And it has a sleeker profile. And I'm afraid people might laugh at me for having the old non-3G, non-GPS model.

So how do I minimize my jealousy towards those folks who are going to get their hands on the iPhone 3G, while I'm stuck here with the old version?

Only one way: if the new model's release is riddled with technical problems - maybe even a product recall. Then, people will long for the good ol' days of the original iPhone - the days of 3G wishes and GPS dreams.

My iPhone will suddenly be cool - and reliable - again. A sort of World War I propeller-powered biplane, to the the new iPhone's dangerous and fast World War II era Luftwaffe ME-262 (you can Wikipedia that one). And no, I am not comparing Steve Jobs to Hitler, just to be clear.

Only time will tell how jealous I'll be of new iPhone 3G owners. But hopefully - and by the good grace of Steve Jobs - they'll come out with a 3rd version of the iPhone soon enough, and my pain will be minimized.

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