Monday, July 21, 2008

Quick Housekeeping Note From The Mill

Everyone uses email nowadays. After all, it’s way better than talking…or listening.

So, with that in mind, I hacked into the Matrix and added the ability for you to receive email updates from this site. That’s right – whenever I write a new post, you’ll be automatically spammed with hundreds and hundreds of Canadian prescription drug offers, coupons for free iPhones, and guaranteed penis enlargement pills.

Just kidding. I hope. My hacking skills could use some work.

What you definitely will get is exclusive access to my latest posts in their entirety - from the comfort of your own email inbox. Now, there’s no need to change your underwear and/or head into work to poach personal internet access from your employer.

Just sit back, relax, smoke some crack, have some orange juice, and read my blog.

Wait a minute!!! Did I really just write that?

Sorry - not everyone likes orange juice. Have a beer instead, if you please.

Simply enter your email address in the place where it asks you to, over there on the right-hand side of the page, or right below if you are too tired to shift your eyes to the side of the screen. It’s super-easy.

Enter your email address:

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If you have any trouble locating this function, then it’s probably because you never learned - or were unable to learn - how to read. You might as well give up, and turn on the TV. Jerry Springer’s probably on, or Montel.

And if you’d rather keep visiting the site directly, then that’s fine too.

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