Monday, March 03, 2008

Strange And Wonderful Website

Sometimes, a website comes along that is at once fantastic and simplistic. It's simultaneously funny and sad. It commands your attention, and inspires you to spread the good word of its existence.

Consider the offspring if eBay were to have website sex with Wikipedia. Or Daily Puppy mated with Youtube.

The results would be astonishing.

When you'd visit the site, complex emotions, ranging from joy to fear to anger, would all tumble out from your heart and soul, one on top of another - like so many clowns from a Volkswagen.

The following site, however, is just plain funny. You should check it out when you can:

Fail Dogs

Although I'm not exactly sure why some of these dogs "fail," except for the police dog biting the policeman (that one's obvious), there are a lot of fun pictures here.

From Good doggie! Wait, no. Bad doggie!!

Thanks Mr./Ms. FailDog, whoever you are, you goddamn genius!!


Dennis said...

Hey Scott!

Too funny! Where did you even find this site??!?!

I will be sure to bookmark this site.

You should also get a finder's fee for directing traffic their way!

The Mill said...

I did a Google search for "American dogs fail high school math equivalency test," and this site was one of the first results.