Sunday, March 23, 2008

More Entertaining - Knicks Basketball Or Knicks Basketball Halftime Show?

Me - either at the Knicks game, or flawlessly photo-shopped. Read the sentence below to find out the truth!

Jaimi and I went to the Knicks game on Friday night.

We had really sweet seats right near the Knicks’ bench – thank you anonymous season ticket holder!! So close, in fact, that it would have been incredibly easy to storm the court, put little point guard Nate Robinson in my pocket, and run out of there.

Also, I could have gotten Malik Rose’s autograph on my forehead or chest. I’m kicking myself right now for passing that up.

For me, the evening was filled with complex feelings. For one thing, please don’t mistake me for a Knicks fan. I’m a Sixers fan through and through. But on the other hand, I found myself caught up in the home crowd’s enthusiasm.

At the same time, I really hate Isiah Thomas for what he’s done to this poor team. And then, on what I guess would be the fourth hand, maybe the Knicks just suck, plain and simple.

A crappy picture of a crappy coach talking to his crappy team.

So you can see how these oscillating emotions could leave one totally exhausted – after about 5 minutes.

It was at this point that we got up and headed for the food court.

I never expect very much in the way of food at these kinds of venues. It’s best to have incredibly low expectations ($25 sawdust on a hot dog roll, $15 Dixie cup of brown tap water) and then end up pleasantly surprised when you bite into that perfectly boiled $8 Hebrew National.

As it turned out, I went the healthy route and ordered a constipatingly dry chicken sandwich and a Diet Coke. Jaimi had the chicken fingers, which were delicious.

Total cost – about $20. Not bad at all for dinner at The Garden.

The game itself was exciting at times, although the Knicks were already down by 19 points at halftime. They made a valiant run in the 3rd period, and tied the score. But, it didn’t last long. The mighty Memphis Grizzlies (3rd worst team in the entire NBA) roared back, and won by a comfortable 14-point margin.

In case you were wondering, yes we actually stayed to see most of the game. And yes, the halftime show turned out to be the best part.

Krystal Niu, aka “The Red Panda Acrobat,” amazed and delighted with a unicycle-riding, bowl-flipping extravaganza. It really was pretty amazing. I’m not being facetious. Seriously, this isn’t sarcasm right here. She rode around on a 7-foot high unicycle, balancing a huge stack of bowls on her head. In order to get the bowls up there, she’d balance a number of them on her foot, kick them into the air, and catch them on her noggin.

All eyes on the crazy little lady with bowls and the unicycle. She's about to kick, like, 7,000 bowls onto her head.

Maybe you had to be there.

Anyway, if you’re thinking about heading to Madison Square Garden to see the Knicks, you should do a couple things before buying those tickets:

1) Re-evaluate your life – do you really want to see the Knicks in the first place? If so, why? How long have you been off your medication?

2) Check the halftime show schedule, and only go to the game if The Red Panda Acrobat is performing. She’s WAY better than dogs catching Frisbees, or ANY high school marching band on the planet.

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