Thursday, July 02, 2009

DO NOT BUY A MAZDA – Or, Mazda Can Go Eat a Dick

I try to avoid the “rant” posts, in which a blogger complains at length about a person or entity who he or she doesn’t like and/or is totally pissed at. But now, in a rare display of effervescent ranting, I’ve decided to rain fire upon a particular company – Mazda.

Basically, they suck. And I’m about to tell you why. But before I do – and in case you don’t read any further – please do not ever buy a Mazda vehicle. Ever. In your entire life. Even if they’re the last car company on the planet. If that’s the case, please buy a bicycle. You’ll be better off for it. Trust me.

I’ll make this quick, because I doubt you care all that much about my vehicle purchasing history. I owned a Mazda3 and traded it in for a pre-owned Mazdaspeed6. I had read a number of reviews on the Mazdaspeed 6, and determined that it was generally considered a great car, but had a few issues. One main problem was that the clutch was difficult to operate – and in fact, this is what pretty much everyone who drvoe the car seemed to agree on.

But, Mazda released a TSB, or Technical Services Bulletin that addressed the difficult to operate clutch,, and fixed the problem under warranty – sort of like a recall. With that in mind, I decided to go ahead and trade in my old Mazda for the Mazdaspeed 6, and if the clutch was in fact too difficult to use,, I could have Mazda change the clutch under warranty, according to the TSB. Many others had the same work done, and seemed to be satisfied with the results – according to the internet.

So let me skip to the juicy chase, where Mazda gets all uppity and acts like a bunch of assholes. After 6 months of owning the Mazdaspeed 6, I still can’t get used to the goddam clutch. It’s like an on/off switch. It’s like a cruel and unusual form of torture to drive this car in bumper to bumper traffic on the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway. The pedal is stiff and abrupt, like a Judge Judy trial. I’m fed up with it. It’s not getting any better.

So I bring the car into my dealer in order for them to do the Mazda-sponsored TSB work. The TSB states that the work should be done on any car within a certain range of VIN numbers that’s still within the factory warranty mileage range. My car fits that description.

But still, for some reason, Mazda refuses to pay for the work. They claim that my vehicle isn’t covered under the TSB. They released the TSB about a year after the affected vehicles were built (and sold) but now claim that the fix is not valid on any cars with over 12,000 miles. Don’t you normally drive about 12,000 miles in a year? The answer is yes for almost every American.

The kicker for me – well actually the two kickers, are as follows. According to the internet, numerous Mazdaspeed 6 owners have gotten the same fix paid for by Mazda far after any 12,00 mile limit. And secondly, Mazda didn’t give a flying fuck when – after they refused to pay for the fix that they originally sponsored – I told them I would simply get rid of my fucking Mazda and buy a Honda or Volkswagen because their car was too difficult to drive and they wouldn’t stand behind their own warranties.

I said, “I will get rid of my Mazda, never buy another one, and buy another company’s car.” Probably with a few “fucks” thrown in for good effect. They said, “I’m sorry you feel that way sir.”

What about, “Sir, we’re owned by Ford, which is on the verge of bankruptcy. We can’t even come close to affording the loss of any customers, much less those that manage blogs which get tens of visitors per day. We will fix the problem as we’ve done with others, and apologize for being assholes throughout this whole process.”

I’m actually being kind when I say that Mazda can eat a dick. Their customer service so clearly wishes to be dead or working for another company. Their managers and supervisors so clearly don’t give a fuck about any of their customers. They’re just in it for the paycheck and the dental benefits, and would probably jump ship to Honda or BMW in a heartbeat.

In any case, for what it’s worth my experience with Mazda has been worse than I can even describe in this blog post. I could probably go on and on, and make this rant much more effective. But at the same time, I doubt anyone would actually read the whole thing. So, I will leave you with this – Never, ever, never, never, ever buy a MAZDA. They suck shit and the company is pure unadulterated feces.

Thank you for your attention.

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JG said...

Tell us how you really feel

The Mill said...

Ok truth is my middle name is Mazda and my dad named the company after me. I'm just rebelling. 

Bell said...

I've had my Mazda6 for 6 years and am at 95k miles. Never had a problem with it. Just tires, brakes and oil. Most people tell me its a pretty awesome car and therefore I am more awesome for totally owning it.

You should try another mazda dealer service shop or contact the mothership directly. If that fails maybe test drive a car before you buy it.

The Mill said...

Bell, you got lucky. Also, you have a different car than I do. The point is, Mazda did not do right by me.

Finally, I did test drive the car before I bought it. Don't be a jerk.

When are we going to a Phils game?

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Anonymous said...

My experience was exactly the same with my ms6. Mazda refuses to honor the clutch tsb at 16k miles. It gets better, the car also has an issue with the variable valve timing system. Mazda did send me a notice on it, just after my warranty ran out. I now need a clutch after living with the crappy type A design all these years and it needs the vvt fix. The car only has 70k on it. .. Oh and don't forget about them trying to rape you for a new smart key .... $400 was the quote my local dealer has the stones to ask for it. I have many more service stories as if this isnt enough. Fuck Mazda and they're shity service culture is right.