Sunday, March 22, 2009

In the Midst of March Madness

It truly is madness.

This weekend, I joined my brother and six other fine gentlemen for our annual fantasy baseball draft excursion. We've been out here in Las Vegas for the last few days, and the place is out of its mind mad. The sheer level of insanity can only be described as Scientology covered in bat shit - to provide some kind of mental image for you. That's how crazy this place is.

For example, people walk around outside with open beers and cocktails!!!!! Passing through the massive crowds that flow along The Strip, it seems as though everyone is holding a drink. Except for me. And a majority of the toddlers dragged along by their gambling addicted parents. It's probably most shocking of all that I didn't see more spillage. One untimely bump on the elbow, and your 64 oz. Mai Tai in the collectible souvenir guitar glass could come crashing to the cement.

So besides the rampant displays of public intoxication - which is by no means unique to March Madness time - we also got to watch some fantastic basketball games. I can't even begin to pick which game was the best. Wait a minute - of course I can. I won a hundred bucks when Villanova beat UCLA by twenty points. That was the best game of the weekend, and I'm now a diehard Villanova Wildcat fan.

I'll root for your favorite team as well for as little as 25 bucks. Email me for a free rate quote.

Other than the Villanova victory, other weekend highlights included when we overheard a guy on his cellphone as he walked through the Wynn casino. I believe the precise quote was, "I've fucking lost everything I own today."

Thankfully, I cannot say the same for myself. I still own several pairs of jeans and an iPhone.

Helping to offset any gambling losses was the spectacular deal we got for the hotel rooms. My colleague Dennis - member of every Player's Club on The Strip - tipped me off about the special room rates. And we were able to snag ourselves some $45/night rooms for Friday and Saturday. That's practically unheard of. Dennis, we all owe you a big hug and a $5.49 steak and eggs buffet at the Imperial Palace casino (12 am to 6 am only, Tuesdays and Wednesdays).

Let us know when you want to collect.

The view from my room at Bally's south tower - a great deal and a great location. Too bad it was last renovated in 1973.

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