Monday, March 16, 2009

How Those Big AIG Bonuses Make me Feel – in Rhyme

AIG stood for something, but what is it now?
Used to have lots of cash - now it’s a cow.
What does it stand for, what does it say?
Asinine Idiots Grab my 401k.

Assholes in Indigo Gawking at girls.
Amateur Immature Globular pearls.
Acrimonious Imps Grinding on one another.
Asexual Imbeciles Going out with your mother.

Abomination Inside, and Gold on the walls.
Ambidextrous Investors with Great swinging balls.
Apparently Ill but Giving out bucks.
Acrobatics Intended to Gouge us like fucks.

Who’s in charge over there? Is it Skilling or Lay?
Unbelievable gall to do what they say.
Obama will save us, as he promised in speeches.
While AIG clings to our bodies like leeches.

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