Sunday, August 10, 2008

Shout Out to the Sausage Party!!!

I just wanted to give a quick “Thanks for all the sausage!” to Jeff and Sheryl. They are the geniuses behind the Big Brooklyn Sausage Party, which Jaimi and I attended last night.

There were a few ladies there, but more than enough sausage to satisfy all the men. We had spicy chicken, savory lamb, fennel pork, and several others. There was also a delicious pasta salad – with crumbled Italian sausage, and a tasty paella-style rice dish with saffron, onions, and a smoky chorizo.

Now, this may not be the only sausage party to have taken place in Brooklyn, but I’d like to think it was the best. I hope that several years from now, we can refer to yesterday’s party as “The Beginning.”

What you’ll need to throw your own Sausage Party:

- Lots of dudes
- Pirate costumes
- Beer
- More beer
- Bon Jovi and/or Def Leppard CD’s
- Aggressively chauvinistic attitudes
- Various emails from girls who say they “might stop by later” because their “apartment is a mess” or their “bestest friend from college is throwing a cocktail party at this cool new lounge in SoHo.”

Wait, wrong kind of sausage party.

Here’s what you’ll really need for the better kind of Sausage Party:

- Sausages (lamb, pork, chicken, and veggie)
- Variety of tasty microbrewed beers
- Cheese plate
- Friends like Sheryl and Jeff
- Pre-printed labels for each kind of sausage – this is critical as sausage is one of the few foods that can be made from absolutely any kind of animal, and you don’t want your guests to have to guess what they’re eating. Although that could be a fun game as well.

That's all there is to it. Please let me know if you need any help planning your own Sausage Party. I now officially consult on the subject of Sausage Party Policy and Implementation.

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SPG said...

Thanks for your contribution of the best cheese of the night!

Tasty sausage pictures below.

The Mill said...

Great sausage shots!!