Thursday, August 21, 2008

Olympics Overdose

I've been all about the Olympics over the past week or so. Even after the end of Michael Phelps's record-breaking medal haul, I'm still able to fall for the latest Olympic darling.

Usain Bolt, Shawn Johnson, Phil Dalhausser, and that 60 pound Chinese platform diver.

They're all exciting to watch, even if none of them have a chance to win 8 gold medals.

And Phelps has got nothing on the bendo-matic, flexo-rific rhythmic gymnastics stars.

Point is, there's plenty left to watch. And NBC and their advertisers are still counting on your viewership.

In fact, I just love the Olympics so goddamn much, that I had to journey to the closest former home of the Games - summer or winter.

That's right. Jaimi and I are in Lake Placid, NY right now, for an itty-bitty mini vacation. For about 35 bucks in gas, and another 5 or so in snacks, we made it up here from Brooklyn in about 5 hours - minus a pit stop at the Cracker Barrel in Fishkill, NY.

The truth is, my sister-in-law's family owns a condo up here, and we get to stay for free. The ultimate economy vacation for these tough economic times. We're saving so much money on lodging though, that we've been bathing in Perrier, and burning barrels upon barrels of diesel fuel because it burns better than paper money.

But back to the Olympics. Oh the drama.

Both men's and women's U.S. 4X100m relay teams dropped the baton tonight. We waved goodbye to elderly platform diver Laura Wilkinson. Jeremy Wariner had his ass handed to him on a Pupu platter in the 400 meters, by fellow American LaShawn Merritt.

You probably already know all of this - what with the automatic email and iPhone updates, constant TV coverage, and water cooler talk. You don't need this blog for your latest Olympics news.

But if you are here for an Olympic update I'm happy to oblige. Let's just say that if internet searching were an Olympic event (probably by 2016), you wouldn't even qualify for a try-out, no matter which country you hail from.

Try NBC Sports, or ESPN. I hear they're pretty popular sports sites.

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