Friday, April 25, 2008

Testing My High School Spanish Skills

Jaimi and I are headed to Madrid tonight. We'll be there for a week's vacation.

Not sure what kind of internet connection I'll have - I think Spain, as a country, is connected to the rest of the global village by some sort of wires or cables. But I don't know if it will be as fast as my cable modem.

I have very little patience for slow internet connections, and so, if I'm getting consistently slow upload/download speeds, then you may not hear much from me until I return on May 3rd.

I may be asking some of you for help with setting my fantasy baseball roster.

In any case, we'll take plenty of photos of Spanish historical sites, and Spanish cultural landmarks, and Spanish people, and of course, Spanish dogs. I can't wait to talk to the dogs in Spanish.

"Hola perro! Te gustan huesos y carne? Si? Muy bien. Me gustan para masticar en los huesos, tambien." (Hi dog! Do you like bones and meat? Yes? Very good. I like to chew on bones also.)

It should be fun. Although my accent is quite poor, so the dogs may have trouble understanding me.

If I make it to a bullfight, you'll definitely get a detailed account - complete with relevant social commentary, and the imagined thoughts and feelings of the bulls. I'm bringing a bright red shirt just in case.

Hasta mas later chicos y chicas!! I will drink a cerveza in your honor!

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