Sunday, November 04, 2007

New Look Template - Do Not Be Shocked

Sorry to be so shocking. I decided to change the background and general look of the website. Really though, it's not such a big deal. You can still expect the same spectacular content, razor-sharp wit, and laser-accurate insight to which you're accustomed. My ninja-like blogging skills are what I like to refer to as 'Mill Kwon Do', or 'Mill-jitsu.' And that hasn't changed. If anything, I'm getting better, and learning more advanced techniques with each passing day. It's an ancient Asian martial art, mixed with modern day technology, beaten with bamboo shafts, lashed with reeds, and entered into my computer keyboard with lightning-quick finger taps. Just like a ninja with a poisoned dart or throwing star, I could very easily kill my enemy with a computer. I'd probably sneak up behind him when he was super drunk and, using my laptop as a sort of hand extension, push him in front of a bus or taxi cab. Yeah, that's right. I'm that much of a bad ass.

Anyway, there should be more changes to come. And with any luck, nobody will get hurt.

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