Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Tough Baby Names

This is in contrast to my previous post re: Cool Baby Names. The following names were conceived with the explicit intent to dissuade any would-be thugs or bullies from messing with my namesake. I want my kids to be safe all the time, whether on the playground, right after violin lessons, or on their way to the bodega to pick up a six-pack for their old man. And since I likely won't be with them at all times, I'll let their names do the protecting. Here are a few:

  • Atlas Hemi Rathmill
  • Lance Piston Rathmill
  • Broadside Wheelhouse Rathmill
  • Thor Ammo Rathmill
  • Gunnar Carcrash Rathmill
  • Optimus Overthrow Rathmill
  • Destructo (one-word name, like Cher)


Anonymous said...

Nice post! This is Dennis at the Apple store in Roosevelt Field (Long Island). I plan on leaving the blog site open for al to read!!!!

Anonymous said...

Awesome names, but I'm wondering about Piston. Sounds good for a porn name but could also be looked upon as Pissed On. Just an observation.