Thursday, February 28, 2008

Equal Opportunity Housing

In my last post I explained how I’m looking for someone to sublet my room this summer. And, my current roommate will need to approve this lucky individual, whoever he or she may be.

My two-pronged attack involves both posting “room available” ads on Craigslist AND viewing “room wanted” ads on Craigslist. It’s a complicated strategy, but I feel it’s worth the extra effort and time spent on Craigslist.

I came across this ad today (thanks for the lead, Jaimi!) -

$300 Iraqi comedian seeks temp room starting March or April (East Village)

Iraqi comedian, 29 yrs old, (Al Baghdadia Tv, Al Iraqia) coming to NY in March seeks temporary room or share for up to three months beginning in mid March or April. Can pay at most $300 a month. Numerous local references. Trustworthy, neat, respectful, with sense of humor. From Baghdad, worked in theatre in Syria and then for tv and theatre in Cairo, well connected with the Arab theatre world.”

Lest you doubt me, here’s the actual link:

I think it’s a real ad, but I have my doubts, for one main reason.

By far, the most brazenly shocking part of this ad is the suggestion that one could possibly rent a room anywhere in Manhattan for $300 a month.

You can’t park a car for $300 a month.

Hell, a beer here costs 9 bucks. Would you rather have shelter for a month, or 33 beers? That’s just over one beer per day. It’s a tough call, but during the winter months I’d choose shelter over beer.

Summer is always a toss-up between a roof over my head, and a cold, heady brew in my meaty palm.

As far as the subject of Iraqi comedians, I don’t think I need to go there. Clearly, this person’s not performing stand-up in Baghdad.

In any case, I think Cairo is a much funnier place than Baghdad. The Sphinx is hilarious with its missing nose, and what not. And all that sand everywhere. Sandstorms are by far the funniest kind of wind-driven storms. Hurricanes? Typhoons? Not so funny.


Anyway, maybe I’ll respond to this ad and bring the comedian in for an interview. There’s no way I can afford to rent my room for only $300, but at least I might come away from the meeting with a few new jokes.

God knows I could use some new material.


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