Sunday, February 24, 2008

The Furniture Hunt – What Do You Really Need To Survive?

Jaimi and I have been looking for furniture for our new apartment. Don’t worry. We have over a month to fully equip ourselves before we move in.

The real problem, however, is the furniture we own right now. And the problem is, that furniture doesn’t exist in anything more than an ethereal form. Most of the furniture we imagine owning is nothing but a ghost-like dream.

I own a desk and a bookcase. She owns a bed and a coffee table.

That’s pretty much it.

Combine our furniture holdings, and you almost have enough to furnish a prison cell.

It’s sad.

But our April 1st move-in date gives us ample time to closely analyze the inventory of furniture we actually require in order to live comfortably. It might be less than you think.

The apartment we’ve agreed to rent is a large 1-bedroom. There’s plenty of space for sofas, desks, chairs, ottomans, lap pools, handball courts, and armoires. But we really don’t NEED all of that.

What we NEED - by our estimation - is the following:

Dresser - for Jaimi’s clothes. My clothes can remain in suitcases, or on my person.

Desk - For my computer: to write blog, check email, pay bills, etc.

Sofa – Upon which to max and relax

TV – Big, massive, flatscreen, high-definition; worth more than anything else in the apartment including myself. (Note: Jaimi is, debatably, more valuable than TV.)

Entertainment Center – To ensure that flat-panel TV does not have to rest on floor, or sit on top of milk crate. TV needs to be coddled, and will not tolerate any mistreatment.

Bed – Mattress would suffice. No headboard or box spring necessary. Would sleep on shredded newspaper if it meant we could have a bigger TV.

Coffee Table – Off of which to eat dinner, No need for full-fledged dining table. After all, you can’t really watch TV from the dining table. Repeat – no need for dining table.

And that’s all we REALLY need. So if you have any furniture you’re looking to get rid of (no Ikea please – it’s not worth the particle board it’s constructed from!) please let me know.

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