Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Saved By Zero, Now What?

So there's this Toyota commercial that's been playing recently. It shows the various cars and trucks frenetically skidding to a stop at the front of the screen, one after the other. I'm pretty sure a giant "0%" looms in the background. The point is, Toyota is offering 0% financing on all models - for a limited time only - to qualified buyers only.

Big deal, you might say. GM has been doing that for the past 5 years, and nobody's been buying their vehicles.

Is Toyota just a bunch of assholes, or do they know what they're doing to people with this "saved by zero" commercial?

Well, the evil genius behind Toyota's promotion - and something of which GM, Ford, and Chrysler should probably take note - is that they play a hauntingly memorable jingle in the commercial. So haunting, and so easily burned into the very fabric of one's soul.

"Saaaaavvvveeed byyyy zeeerooooo......Saved by zero!.......Saved by zero!.......Saved by zero!"

You know the one I'm talking about, right? I apologize if you had found some way to forget the song - and now the song torments you once more.

Here it is for your torture and pain:

As it turns out, I'm not the only one who's complained so far. I guess that's comforting to know. Just do a Google search for "toyota saved by zero" and you'll see what I mean.

Many other lives have been impacted by this Toyota commercial - and generally not for the better. Sure, many people have gotten fantastic deals on reliable and fuel-efficient models like the Corolla, Camry and sporty RAV4. But for the rest of us, who have no interest or necessity for a new Toyota - even with amazing 0% financing for up to 60 months for highly qualified customers, and with 11 incredible models to choose from, for a limited time only. Hurry, before these deals disappear.

Shit, I think I just sold myself a Toyota. My Mazda will be very jealous.

So please, Toyota Motors Corp., just go ahead and demand that everyone buy a Toyota before you stop playing the stupid commercial. Times are tough. You need to be ruthless. After this financial crisis has run its course, you could be the lone surviving worldwide auto manufacturer. It's not the customer who's being saved by zero, it's you.

Think about it.

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virtualredhead said...

I completely agree. The jingle may stick in my head, but I certainly won’t be in any position to buy a car when I’ve smashed my face into a concrete wall until I’ve put myself irretrievable in to a coma.

Thanks for nothin’, Toyota.

The Mill said...

I'm just glad I'm not alone on this one.

You may not find me smashing my face into a concrete wall, but I might just pull my teeth out with some needle nose pliers the next time I see that commercial.

It really depends on how my fantasy football team did that week.

Anonymous said...

Sorry Mill unless this is one of your "sarcastic or ironic, but really makes you think" bits, I must disagree. I think its a awesome song! Its currently in heavy rotation on my ipod and I'm actually playing it right now. Saved by zero is clearly one of the best songs ever crafted by The Fixx. And yes - i'm a huge Fixx fan. My uncle played bass for them. Uncle Phil. Phil Nanni.

Now if you want to talk about "zoom, zoom, zoom" don't get me started. The whispering kid? Like nails on a chalkboard. The ironic part of that is I still purchased a mazda 6.