Sunday, May 25, 2008

A Trip To Chinatown

Jaimi and I went to Chinatown yesterday. We came back with exactly zero bootleg Louis Vuitton bags. But we did buy a bunch of cheap fruit (cherries for $1.50/pound!). If you're looking for bargains on produce, hightail it down to Chinatown on the weekend. They're practically giving the stuff away. Seriously.

The afternoon consisted of a lovely walk across the Brooklyn Bridge, and then dim sum at our favorite spot - Delight 28 on Pell Street.

It's totally dope.

Anyway, here are some photos from Chinatown. Jaimi took some of the better ones - I need to give her credit once in a while.

For some reason, I feel better about buying cheap fruit than buying cheap seafood.

Dim sum - pork and shrimp all over the place.

After taking this photo, we quickly dispatched these dumplings on a highly acidic highway to hell.

This lady was practically giving these cherries away for free. Along with her wads of cash. "Here take my money! And my cherries!"

Chinese Muppets?

This huge pile of fruit - $5. All their profit comes from real estate investments.

Jaimi carefully considers which mango to purchase. The implications could be wide-reaching - she could buy an overripe mango!

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Dennis said...


Chinese muppets?

I hope you enjoyed spending time in my people's town! :)