Monday, December 03, 2007

The Mill's Refer-A-Friend Drive - Results Are In: Color Me Unimpressed

A couple weeks back, I decided to launch an exciting new promotion on my website. For no more trouble than you sending a few friends, colleagues, enemies, or relatives to my blog, you'd get the chance to win a free t-shirt. Did I fail to mention that this shirt would be free? And that you wouldn't have to pay for it? And that it's a real t-shirt that you'd win, and not just a digital image of a shirt? Was that not made clear?

Perhaps not. I apologize. The thing is, only two people referred anyone to the site who actually left a comment on my original refer-a-friend post (see November 18, 2007). That was the whole idea. If the referred individual didn't leave a post, I'd have no idea who referred them, or that they were even referred to the site in the first place. I suspect that no one else was referred.

So thank you to my Cousin Pam, and to my work associate Dennis for being the only people to participate. I will announce the winner at the end of this post.....Don't skip ahead unless you want to ruin the surprise!!

I suppose the contest could have been more of a failure. At least no one left any hateful comments. And so this whole ordeal leaves me wondering whether I should try again.

Was it the t-shirts? Are they lame? Even the dog would be embarrassed to wear it?

Would you rather have a key chain, or maybe a coffee mug?

How about a Nintendo Wii?

A snowmobile? Or a desk calendar? Seems to me a desk calendar would be more useful.

Let me know what went so terribly wrong, and if there's anything I can do to improve the response next time around - if there is a next time, that is.

And now to announce the winner of the 1st ever Mill's Refer-a-Friend race for the free t-shirt.

And the winner is........

But before I announce the winner, I'd also like to mention that I know it's hard enough for all of us out there in the real non-digital (analog?) world - what with the traffic and the high taxes and the crime and the lousy weather, etc. etc. So I understand if you didn't have the time, friends or thoughtfulness to participate in the referral-a-thon. I ain't mad at ya.

So without further ado. The winner of the November 2007 Refer-a-Friend drive to survive is none other than our wonderful friend Dennis Hui!!!!

That's right Dennis. Congratulations. You truly are an officer AND a gentleman. You beat Cousin Pam by one referral. Final tally: Dennis 2, Cousin Pam 1. Better luck next time. Especially to those of you who didn't participate. If you're lucky, you'll get another chance!

Dennis will need to let me know his preferred shirt size, style, color, font, and what he wants the shirt to read on the back. Alternatively, I've come up with a new design - more stylish than a t-shirt, and yet also much more comfortable. If you wear this while driving, you'll probably fall asleep at the wheel:

So Dennis, let me know if this is the design you'd like. Not sure if it's available in adult sizes, but judging by your recent luck, I'd say the chances are quite good.


Dennis said...

While I'm happy to have won and will give you my dimensions on shirt size in the future, I think I am more than a work associate.

Shall we say co-worker? However, in all honesty, are work rarely ever crosses paths unless it has to do with an invoice that hasn't been paid since June 2007.

Either way, I would like to add to the work associate title with lunch companion! Because in all honesty, I don't think lunch would be the same if we didn't share it over a nice 15 minute break of 'Amazing Videos'!

The Mill said...

Thanks Dennis. You are a loyal reader, and a great lunch buddy. But I'm just not sure if I'm ready to be more than "associates."

Anonymous said...

My sister, Elizabeth S., seems to have also fallen victim to your shameless self-promotion. I wonder how you two know each other?

Anyway, after reading a post or two of yours, I thought you might appreciate her final selling point on why I should visit your blog:

"Click on the ads and he gets money"

So... it's a profit angle, eh?

Good luck with your blogging and your brilliant money making scheme.