Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Wii Cont'd

"Old College Days" - Remember the untainted glory of your days back at the university? The excitement of newly gained knowledge; the uncertainty of the future; preparing for exams; parties; beer; fun; sexual experimentation. Well, forget all of that. In this game you're back in school, but not as a student. And not as a professor. Rather, you're a janitor, and you have some very dirty messes to clean up! Those students are nasty!! Use your Wii controllers as mop, bucket, sponge, rag and vacuum cleaner. Did I mention mop already? You'll also be able to collect trash and take out the garbage. Choose your level of difficulty from Law School dining hall all the way up to frat house basement after graduation. Score extra points by cleaning up every little last bit of partly digested pizza wedged between sofa cushions in the common area. If you're up to the challenge, you'll be able to steal valuables out of the rich snobby kids' dorms. But you must be quick, silent and stealthy, lest a student returns and catches you in the act. At which point the only way to save your job is to pull out your switchblade and "silence" the witness. It's really several fun games rolled into one!! Just like being a real janitor.

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