Tuesday, May 15, 2007

More Wii

Another installment of Wii game ideas:

"Mannies and Peddies" - Choose your appendage: Hand or foot. Choose your tool: emery board or pumice stone. Choose your undercoat. Then choose your favorite color. Manipulate your Wii controllers as if you worked in an Asian owned-and-operated nail salon on the fringe of Chinatown. It's all the excitement of the fast-paced nail polishing world, with no whiny customers and a fraction of the noxious acetone fumes! Wii allows you to choose from an artiste's palette of over 65 million colors. Fine tune your skills to earn bigger tips. But don't forget to increase your efficiency at the same time. You need to keep those customers circulating from station to station. Otherwise you'll be sleeping in the dumpster out back! Get a glimpse into the harsh yet occasionally rewarding life of an indentured servant, er, I mean a Manicure Technologist.

"Screw Screw Revolution!" - This game has nothing to do about sex and everything to do about screws! Your Wii controllers are hand tools. You start out with screwdrivers. But not the electric kind. No. These are the old fashioned hand-operated, wrist-wringing, carpal-tunnel-inducing, ligament-straining kind. See who can screw the fastest! On your mark. Get set. Go!! Screw with one hand while holding the screw steady with the other. Otherwise you risk stripping the screw and having to begin all over again with a new screw. Choose from flathead, phillips or lugnut. You can even choose the high-speed Allens wrench level for some real fever-pitched action. Unlock secret levels to obtain the Golden Monkey Wrench of Ra, and the Titanium Torque Wrench of Jesus!! So it's not only screws. It's also nuts! Maybe they should call it "Screw Nuts Revolution!"

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