Friday, July 09, 2010

The King James Bible - an excerpt

The river will burn, the people will die.
Dogs will run wild, kids will get high.
Fans will stay home, the mayor will cry.
The Browns will still suck, they won’t even try.

The state’s a disaster, they soon will declare.
The National Guard by sea and by air.
Tax revenues plummet, I don’t really care.
I’m not the one living way over there.

He’s now in Miami, which has some hot ladies.
Which leads to one thing: illegitimate babies.
I’m sure before long he’ll come down with scabies.
Or maybe his dog will fall victim to rabies.

I actually hope that his dog is okay.
In South Beach some places are totally gay.
Not a thing wrong with that, as I always say.
I’ve heard that the Heat provide pretty good pay.

So now that it’s over, the decision’s been made.
Plans for the future, for one, have been laid.
A city in ruins, they wish he had stayed.
At least one guy’s happy. His name? Dwyane Wade.

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