Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Perfect Pushup Update - A Perfect Injury

I've mentioned my Perfect Pushup workouts before: Here and here. The goal was to get super-ripped. Ripped to shreds. Torn to flecks. And all cut up like a samurai sword to a watermelon.

That plan was born back in December, and after about 8 weeks - when I slipped and fell in my apartment, injuring my ass and my wrist - the plan went into a deep, deep slumber. But the plan to get all ripped woke up again, about 7 weeks ago. I'm sorry I didn't tell you sooner. It was groggy at first, like a big, sleepy, lazy old bear. And soon enough it was alert - feeling well-rested, if not a little thirsty.

Anyway, I'm the bear and I'm trying to get in shape after hibernation. Get it? So I dusted off the Perfect Pushup thingies, strapped on my running shoes and - wait, or did I dust off the shoes and strap on the Perfect Pushup thingies? No matter. I was off and Perfect Pushupping before long, even starting close to where I had left off several months before.

Things were going well. Very well. I could sense the transformation was about to occur. My muscles were about to burst forth, tendons and all, through the skin. Not literally, of course, because that would result in terrible, horrific injury.

Then one day, a couple of weeks ago, I felt a sharp pain in my left palm while I did my Perfect Pushups. I ignored it, and powered through another set. I changed the grip width, put my feet on a chair, and started some advanced Perfect Pushup maneuvers. The pain got worse. I could feel some swelling in the meatiest part of my meaty palm. It was like a small meatball floating in a sea of meat. And that little meatball hurt like shit when I did Perfect Pushups.

So I took a week off. Maybe I'd heal quickly and be able to continue my strict Perfect Pushup regimen. But after giving it another go, the pain was still there, and I think I actually re-injured the hand a little bit. That popping sound, coupled with sharp pain, was not encouraging.

The whole thing's so strange because it didn't bother me for weeks. And the right hand doesn't hurt at all. Furthermore, the Perfect Pushup is designed to lessen stress on joints etc. It's supposed to be all ergonomic and shit. It just feels like all of my weight is focused on one part of my palm - the hurting part - when I do the Perfect Pushups now. I fear that the injury is a result of some small anatomical oddity within my hand - and I won't be able to blame Perfect Pushup Inc. and get my money back.

I guess I'll lay off the Perfect Pushups for another week or two, and see if the situation rectifies itself. If not, then I'll troll the internet for more miracle fitness products and hope the next one doesn't hurt me to use.

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Anonymous said...

What happened to your hand in the end? I just started on this Perfect Pushup contraption and while my arms and shoulders got a pleasant workout, the palms of both my hands hurt like hell while I was doing it. I figure the palms will just need to get used to the pressure. Did something break/tear in your hand, did it simply heal after a while?

The Mill said...

It's pretty well healed at this point. Probably took about 6 weeks before it didn't really hurt at all. I guess it was a repetitive stress injury, and not a break or tear.

But I still haven't really gotten back into Perfect Pushups again. I do a few sets here and there, but feel like the pressure is just focused on the wrong part of my hand, and worry I'll hurt it again.

Anyway, it wasn't anything serious, so you could give it a chance and see if you get used to the searing pain in your hands.

Anonymous said...

Same exact thing happened to me, my left palm. I used the older perfect push ups before, this was the first time it happened. it has been a couple of months not, still hurt when I try to use them. That is the only problem I had with them.

Rob said...

Same thing happened to me. I went to do Perfect Pushups and had pain in the palm along the large arching thumb wrinkle.

I'm wondering if grip tape or some kind of gel would make it easier.

It's amazing that on Amazon this device gets the best reviews with its hard rubber handles and every other handle using foam gets complaints that there's not enough foam.